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Hodgson Cooling/Air Services

Our Cooling Products And Services Include:


Air Conditioning Services


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  • Air Conditioning Tips – View a list of tips to keep your air conditioner running smoothly


Hodgson Air Conditioning Tips

  • As soon as the outside temperature is 70 degrees or above, turn on your air conditoner. Measure the temperature of the air at your register. This should be between 50-60 degrees. Have your air conditioner serviced if the temperature is above 60 degrees. This will prevent being without air conditioning the first hot day!

  • Wash the condenser coil. The outside unit should be washed with a garden hose each spring. Let the unit dry for at least 4 hours before turning on.

  • Clean drain line. This is the drain line attached to the evaporator coil.

Test your air conditioner now before the weather gets hot!