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Hodgson Heating Tips

  • Change the air filter on your furnace. Use high efficiency pleated filter. 1" or 2" thick filters should be changed at least twice per year (spring & fall). 3-4" filters can be changed only once per year (spring).

  • Safety check your furnace. A safety check should include a carbon monoxide test, a thorough heat exchanger inspection, and vent pipe check. (See coupon)

  • Service your humidifier. Most humidifier have a water panel or evaporator pad that should be replaced every year.

  • Clean your furnace drain lines. Furnaces that vent outside with plastic pipe have a drain line.

  • Clean your return registers. Dust can block air flow and increase gas bills.

  • Continuous fan operation will help balance uneven temperatures. Your air filter and humidifier will also work better. Turn the fan switch on your thermostat to "ON" for continuous fan operation.

  • Lower the temperature to save money. You must lower the temperature at least 8 hours for savings. For example: You will save 5% on your heating bill by lowering the temperature by 5 degrees every night (8 hours or more).

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Furnace Maintenance


"Annual tune-ups and regular maintenance are the best way to keep energy dollars in your pocket."

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